You can fit the whole world behind a closed door

You don’t need much to trigger kids’ imagination.
Growing up, I was fascinated with everything I couldn’t see. The imaginary city behind the grey wall facing my childhood bedroom, the invisible world hidden outside the frame of paintings. I didn’t care about the obvious, what was in front of me, I wanted to see behind things.

What’s more intriguing than a closed door? It’s mystery behind two wooden panels. It’s everything you want it to be. Just turn the key, push, step in.

That’s probably why I spent so much time looking at this photo of Macao, hanging on the living room wall.

Because what’s more intriguing than a closed door? It’s mystery behind two wooden panels. It’s everything you want it to be. Just turn the key, push, step in.

I’m obsessed with doors.

Maybe it’s the geometry that inspires me, maybe the similarities and all the differences, the colors, the trace of time in the wood, the paint peeling on the sidewalks.
Or, maybe it’s just a childhood memory, this picture on the living room wall. An old obsession for what I can’t see.

Anyway, I never touch the handle, I don’t knock or turn the key. I always keep my doors closed.

The best stories are left untold…

Gaspard Walter

More about me…

– At 12 I packed a sandwich, two magazines and a tiny Swiss knife in a black leather attaché case and left to go on an adventure. It lasted 25 minutes.

– At 15 I spent two months on the French Brittany coast, sleeping on the beach, living off of Spritz cookies and coke.

– At 18 I jumped on a plane and flew to Thailand for the first time. I tried magic mushrooms and spent a night puking on the beach.

– From 18 to 24 I worked as Graphic Designer, Photographer, Movie Editor, and Producer for short films and documentaries and traveled to more than 10 countries. Oh, and I also worked as a clerk in porn video store.


– At 24 I opened, with some friends, an advertising company in Paris, “Vodka-Pomme”.

– At 25 I decided that I liked board-shorts more than suits, I sold my share of “Vodka-Pomme”, and moved to Thailand to become a diving instructor.

– From 25 to 28 I traveled all over the world to teach diving: from Egypt, Thailand, Mexico, Maldives, Vietnam and Malaysia.

– At 27 I tried alcohol for the first time. Two days later I experience ethylic coma for the first time.

– At 29 my first book “Ticket to Thailand” got published. The same years I sold more than 7,000 copies and received the “Best travel book award 2012”.


– At 30 I released “Ticket to Vietnam” & “Ticket to New York”.


– Later that year I walked 800km in the Indian Himalayas, from Zanskar to Manali. The journey was supposed to be longer but I fell off a cliff. The view from that cliff was amazing!


– At 32 I met Kristina on Gili Trawangan, she fell in love with my French “Je ne sais quoi” and my cute accent, I fell in love with her quirky laugh and her eyes.

– At 33 I worked as a writer for Lonely Planet and Rizzoli New York on “Paris en 50 cartes” &  “New York in 50 Maps”. Those two books received the “Special Travel Guide Series Award” at the Berlin International Travel Show 2016.

– At 34 I started I Left Home & 1001 Doors